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Skyler aka SkystruckCrypto

Hey everybody!

My name is Skyler aka Skystruck Crytpo.

I built this website as a hub for myself to gather information and keep my thoughts in line. As I started clicking around and making this I decided to make it a site for everybody. So, I will have a lot of helpful tools to help you get onboarded into the crypto space.

Please please please be careful there are scammers everywhere! I have been scammed myself, it happens, money can get emotional so do your research and be careful with your money and never invest money that will compromise your happiness if it gets lost or stolen.

That being said, I am not a financial advisor, just a guy who is obsessed with freedom and is on a mission to earn my own financial freedom.

** This site is under construction and if you're reading this then you happen to have gotten the link before I officially launched the website. There will be missing information and the site will be half put together until launch so don't make fun of me yet for my web skills! **

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