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all about skystruck crypto's charity


As some of you may know already I give a big portion of my income to Charity. I just want to be as upfront and clear as possible where all the money goes and what I am earning. Below I list all the places I earn money for Skystruck Crypto.


Profits Given away...
- 100% of profits made from monetization goes straight to charity.

Profits I Take... (Although I will give most of this away I'm sure...)
- 100% of profits made from reference links I take
- 100% of profits made from any product, company, or brand collaboration I take. 

- 100% of profits made from any collaboration with YouTubers on this I take.

I am not sure how I feel about taking profits but, you guys/gals on my livestreams and Twitter and Discord gave me the courage to take profits. If people start making me feel bad about it I will change it. I just want to do what's right but knowing this channel can take me away from my regular job (which I love btw) and hopefully take me into a crypto version of a MrBeast on Youtube that would be MY DREAM.

I may make changes to this down the line as well depending on what goes on. I am new to this so bear with me. 


Again... hopefully, that will never happen but... I just want to protect myself from the very beginning and be really over exaggeratedly clear and upfront. Hopefully, people know me well enough to know I am a giver, not a taker. I can't think of a reason I would ever do this but... yeah... I am sure when I set up my non-profit the IRS will set some strict rules which I will abide by of course but then I will know a bit more about all this stuff.

Somebody got really upset at me because of this and I am not sure why. The reason I said I reserve the rights to take profit is because, what if I know somebody in my life who is struggling. I want to be able to help them with this channels profits. I have no idea what problem will arise in the future but I will never take any profits for myself from youtube itself.

I also didn't know how to separate my reference links or collaboration with projects so when that times comes I will just make that decision. Maybe 50% will go to me and 50% will go to helping the channel grow which all profits go to charity? I don't know... I am new at this and I made this channel to help others. I have paid thousands of dollars on this channel of my own money. If I am doing something wrong I would love for you to reach out and help me. I love help, and if I am messing something up, please help me fix it. 

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