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Below I have listed many channels that produce great content on youtube but doesn't have anything to do with Crypto or Bitcoin. I have a passion for learning and the weird and unusual. If you have any channel recommendations, please let me know!

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Casey Neistat - Casey was the first Youtuber that got me interested into Youtube. Everybody I follow and My Channel is because I started watching his Vlogs back in the day. I even went to New York and stopped by his studio and ended up getting a tattoo from his tattoo artist. He inspires me in a lot of ways. 


First Channel is LEMMiNO He has done many different types of videos but recently has started doing Documentaries on mysteries of all sorts and this is why I love his videos. I have below a playlist of pretty much all my favorite videos of his. He does his own research, script, 3d effects, music and editing. He is one of the most talented YouTubers I have come across


melodysheep - This channel I recently found after I was recommended Life Beyond II. The guy behind this channel used to make random music then science music on his channel and recently started making more science related videos with mind blowing graphics! He actually uses a crypto company to help source his graphic rendering which is cool. He makes his own graphics, animations, writes his own scripts and makes his own music.


That Chapter - This channel is a guy named Mike who talks about true crime stories that take place all around the world. One of my regular channels I watch about crazy people doing crazy things... (murder stories mostly)

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Barely Sociable - This channel I noticed when he produced a video explaining why he thinks Adam Back is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. I have seen all his videos and enjoy how he researches topics. He also has another channel called Slightly Sociable that I also like. 


James Jani - This guy makes cool videos talking about all sorts of things but a lot of videos have to do with money or business or something like that. I enjoy his editing and his storytelling and his messages.

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Kento Bento - This guy tells interesting stories about heists, escapes, disasters and unique stories about events in Asia I have not heard anybody tell and he tells all his stories using animation.

Channels I never miss a video on...






Brief Case


Bright Insight


Learning About Weird Stuff
Fredrik Knudsen
Atrocity Guide

Celebrity/Influencer Downfalls/documentaries

j aubrey

Real Pedo, scammer, abuser, criminal takedowns

Nick Crowley



Favorite Channels...

ColdFusion -
CreepsMcPasta -
Dark Matter -
Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows -
DocSpot -
Fall of Civilizations -
Free Documentary -
Free Documentary History -
Free Documentary Nature -
Free Documentary Paranormal -
Reel Truth Documentaries -
Real Stories -
iilluminaughtii -
Inside A Mind -
JCS - Criminal Psychology -
John Swan -
Oki's Weird Stories -
PowerfulJRE -
Solar Sands -
TheGamerFromMars -
Vintage Files -
Vsauce -
Weird History -
60 Minutes -
Wendover Productions -
PolyMatter -
RealLifeLore -
Real Engineering -

Decent Channels

ChapterDark -
Unknown5 -
Crypticc -
Criminally Listed - 
The Right Opinion -

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