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What is bitcoin (For Beginners)

In this video I ramble about what Bitcoin is and why it's important. I talk about bitcoins origins and what bitcoin is trying to accomplish. I talk about the problems that bitcoin is facing as well as and how those problems can be fixed. I talk about why I love bitcoin and why I am all in on bitcoin. I believe decentralization is the future and putting the power back into the hand of the people isnt just a dream it's an actual reality that is now possible thanks to bitcoin! *WARNING* Nothing I EVER say should be considered advice. This channel is made for entertainment purposes ONLY. I don't want anybody losing money so please DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! only invest in what you don't care to lose and most important, have fun! *WARNING* Follow me if you love Crypto and would like news and updates on the Cryptocurrency Industry. I have been in the industry since 2016 and Daily since 2017. I love this industry and I am excited to be at the beginning of this freedom revolution! Below are all my links to shill on you ;) Social Medial Twitter: Facebook: My Favorite Exchanges Coinbase: Binance USA: Binance: KuCoin: New Crypto Private Browser to Replace Chrome (Get Paid while Browsing)

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